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Join hands across the seas with the World Homeless Union -- an informal association of socially responsible neighborhood, community, city, county, state, national and international educational, civic, social, cultural, religious and political groups, clubs, associations, alliances, coalitions, churches, charities, agencies, institutions, corporations, unions and other organizations -- in unity and solidarity with the millions of homeless, and with the billions of near-homeless men, women and children struggling for freedom from poverty and oppression throughout the world.

All socially responsible organizations around the globe qualify for association with the World Homeless Union. Organizations promoting war, violence, poverty, racism, sexism and other forms of human oppression do not qualify for association with the World Homeless Union, nor do business and commercial enterprises seeking, to profit financially from World Homeless Union association.

Unqualified organizations that use fraud or deception, to gain association with the World Homeless Union will be removed, immediately upon discovery. Please report any unqualified or defunct links, listed below, to the Webmaster for immediate action.

Dr. Ruben Botello, Director
World Homeless Union


  • Homelessness & Homeless People Australia
  • InfoXchange

  • Forum de Populacao em Sitacao de Rua de Sao Paulo-SP


  • Canadian Homeless
  • Options Services to Communities Society
  • Ottawa Innercity Ministries
  • Stewards Corporation Movement

  • Association of Kamagasaki-Patrol, Osaka
  • Association of Poor People, Nagai Park, Osaka


  • Hardline Straight Edge

    United Kingdom

  • Aberdeen Cyrenians
  • Simon Community

  • SPITTS (St. Petroc IT Training Scheme)
    United States of America

  • Agape Homeward Bound Ministries
  • Alaska Veteran Foundation
  • American Homeless Society
  • ASWAN - A Society Without A Name
  • BIGnews
  • Blazing Star

  • Care of Poor People
  • Causeseffects.com
  • Casa Alianza - Covenant House Latin America
  • Ecclesia Ministries
  • Economic Security Project
  • Georgia Coalition to End Homelessness, Inc.
  • Heartside Ministry
  • HOMELESS! in baltimore, md
  • Homeless-Missing Persons Project
  • Homeless on the Internet
  • Homeless People's Network
  • Humboldt County - War on the Poor
  • Life Haven, Inc.
  • Love Thy Neighbor Fund, Inc.
  • National Homeless Awareness
  • National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
  • New Hampshire Homeless
  • North American Homeless News Network (NAHNN)
  • Outside In
  • Partnership for the Homeless
  • People Serving People
  • Poor People's Guide
  • Righteous Invasion Of Truth - A Homeless Advocate
  • Seattle Information and Referral Network (SIRN)
  • Senior Resources
  • Social Services Sector
  • Solutions At Work
  • Stand Up for Kids
  • Texas Homeless Network
  • The Sanctuary
  • Union Rescue Mission
  • United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS) - Habitat
  • Volunteer Institute - Child Outreach Center
  • YouthCare

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