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The American Homeless Society (AHS) is an informal association of volunteers working for homeless rights throughout the United States of America and Outlying Areas. The National Association helps coordinate the organizational activities of AHS Chapters, Founders, Directors, Lone Eagles and other Associates across the nation.

AHS invites all homeless advocates, in the United States and Outlying Areas, to represent the National Association, on behalf of the homeless, in their respective cities, counties, states and other geographic areas. As Lone Eagles wherever they live, reside or travel, in the USA and Outlying Areas, AHS Associates are authorized, to organize and(or) advocate for homeless rights, on behalf of the National Association.

Lone Eagles and other Associates may organize AHS Chapters, to initiate collective action for homeless rights, in their respective areas. AHS Chapters may be established, at schools, colleges, universities and other institutions, and for towns, cities, counties, states, islands, and other geographic areas within the United States and Outlying Territories.

Where AHS Chapters already exist, Lone Eagles are authorized, to represent the National Association, in collaboration with those Chapter Directors, and with the National Director, if necessary. Where no AHS Chapters exist, Lone Eagles are authorized, to start new Chapters, and to represent the National Association, directly and individually, in accordance with the Four Association Precepts.

Chapter Founders, Directors and other AHS Associates may become Lone Eagles for the National Association, at any time. Lone Eagles are not required, to organize, become or remain AHS Chapter Associates.

Lone Eagles are authorized, to represent the National Association for life, unless they resign, or are removed from association due to incapacity, malfeasance or loss of contact with the National Association. It is the responsibility of all Authorized Representatives (Lone Eagles), Chapter Founders and Directors, to maintain an active Internet or U.S. Postal Service connection with the National Director, at all times.

Persons listed as Lone Eagles with defunct Internet or U.S. Postal Service addresses are not authorized, to represent the American Homeless Society, unless and until they reactivate their association. Persons with defunct addresses, listed as Chapter Founders and(or) Directors are inactive along with their Chapters, until further notice. These inactive individuals may reactivate their association and Chapter, if other AHS Founders have not already replaced their Chapters.

Each AHS Chapter has one Founder, and one Director. The Chapter Founder may but is not required, to serve as Chapter Director.

Four Association Precepts

All American Homeless Society Chapters and Associates, including the National Director, Lone Eagles, Chapter Founders and Directors, must abide by the following Four Association Precepts:

  1. The American Homeless Society and its Chapters may not "incorporate" under the laws of the United States, or under the laws of any state, territory or jurisdiction therein;

  2. The American Homeless Society, its Chapters and Associates may not solicit, raise or collect funds, to compensate any Associate, and no AHS Associate may receive compensation for services rendered to the Association, or to any of its Chapters.

  3. AHS Chapters and individual Associates may not promote, encourage or participate in any unlawful, immoral or anti-homeless activity, in the name of, for or on behalf of any AHS Chapter or the National Association.

  4. The American Homeless Society and its Chapters may not formally join any other group, organization, alliance or coalition of organizations, although the National Association and its Chapters may work with other groups, and endorse, sponsor or otherwise support other causes related to homelessness, poverty and other forms of human oppression.

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